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Ingredients & Sourcing

Jamieson offers a variety of products that are gelatin-free; you can find our list here.
Jamieson offers a variety of gluten-free products; you can find our list here. Many of our products are sourced from raw materials that naturally contain gluten (wheat, barley, etc.), and depending on the severity of your allergy, it is important to note that we are not a gluten-free facility. We encourage you to carefully read the label.
Our products are not made specifically for vegans, but we do offer many vegetarian formulas. Our vegetarian logo can be found on the front label of all of our vegetarian products, and you can view a list of all Jamieson vegetarian products here.

We use naturally sourced materials whenever possible. When developing new products, there is a lot to consider. Sometimes, natural ingredients are not stable or don’t allow us to extract sufficient quantities of active elements to produce the needed supplements.

In this case, Jamieson uses synthetic alternatives to make sure that our products are effective. These products are still part of our 360 Pure process, which ensures that the product, regardless of the nature of the ingredients, still passes all safety, purity and potency tests. All of our ingredients are approved by Health Canada, regardless of their source.

Jamieson NEVER TESTS on animals or uses third-party manufacturers that do. We are dedicated to the health and wellness of people and the planet, and animals are an important part of that commitment.

The “No Animal Testing” shown as a rabbit on our labels represents our commitment that we do not test any of our supplements on animals. In fact, when choosing our suppliers, part of the selection process is to make sure that the companies in question meet our high standards of quality, including cruelty-free business practices. Our suppliers are regularly assessed, and if any concern were to arise, it would be addressed immediately.

Quality & Certifications

Jamieson guarantees the purity, potency and safety of each product until the expiry date listed on the label. We have a quality assurance program called ‘360 Pure’, that ensures our supplements are the safest, purest and most effective on the market.

This begins with a comprehensive raw material selection process, using only the top ingredients from the world’s most natural sources. We then carry this into producing our formulas, when we undertake a total of ‘360 quality’ control steps to meticulously test for absolute integrity and reliability.

With so many nutritionally enhanced and questionable products on store shelves, our dedication to quality distinguishes us from other brands. Finished botanical products and botanical supply chain samples are tested using TRU-ID biotechnology, and certificates are issued for compliant samples. Click here for more information about TRU-ID.

TRU-ID is a Canadian, independent DNA certification program. It utilizes the latest in DNA technology to trace the active ingredients in herbal supplements right back to their specific botanical origins, thus certifying their authenticity. As an early adopter of this cutting-edge certification program, Jamieson is helping lead the way to better industry standards and reinforcing trust in the Jamieson brand. For more information about TRU-ID Certification please visit their website.

Taking Your Vitamins

In general, many of your vitamins can be taken together. However, always check the label directions to ensure there are no specific interactions.

One such example is calcium and iron, which should not be taken together (as calcium inhibits iron absorption). Also check the label directions to see if any of your vitamins need to be taken with food or on an empty stomach – in which case you may need to take them separately.

In terms of medications, while some supplements actually assist in making up for nutrients that can be depleted while taking prescription drugs (statin drugs taken with CoQ10, for example), your doctor can guide you on what to take when to ensure maximum safety and absorption.

In general, the best time to take your vitamins is whenever it is most convenient for you and when you are most likely to be consistent with the routine. However, it is important that you read and follow the label for directions of use, as some products are specifically meant to have an effect at a certain time of day (e.g. melatonin should be taken at bedtime to improve sleep).

We also recommend consulting with your health care practitioner.

While all Jamieson products are shelf-stable, you should always consult the individual product label for storage conditions for each product. For instance, it is advised to refrigerate some of our probiotics after opening to ensure maximum potency and freshness.

It all depends on the vitamin or natural health product you are taking. Some products are best taken on an empty stomach, while others should be taken with food (usually to help increase absorption or prevent stomach upset from occurring).

If a product is meant to be taken with food, this will always be indicated in the directions on the product label. If there is no specific mention, you can take it whichever way you prefer.

It is best to take your vitamins with a glass of water rather than a cup of coffee.

The issue with coffee is that it works as a stimulant and helps speed the passage of materials through your digestive tract. This means you won’t necessarily absorb all of the nutrients in your vitamins as you would if they moved more slowly through your system.

Coffee can also cause excessive urination, speeding the removal of water-soluble vitamins from your system. Try to finish your coffee at least 15-20 minutes before taking your vitamins; otherwise it is best to take your vitamins a few hours after finishing your coffee.

Jamieson’s recommendation would be not to exceed the recommended daily dose advised on the product label.

For example, if you are supposed to take one multivitamin daily and you miss your dose, it isn’t best to take two the next day. If, however, you typically take two tablets per day in divided doses (e.g. vitamin C 500 mg taken twice daily) and you miss taking your morning tablet, you could take two in the evening.

Please remember that you should not double up if it would cause you to exceed the recommended daily dose.

Yes, all vitamins are effective regardless of their format.

Jamieson tests products within its laboratories to ensure they can be easily broken down and absorbed by your body.

Powders and chewables will be absorbed faster than tablets (because they are already partially broken down before you take them), but this doesn’t change their effectiveness.

Jamieson offers a variety of formats to suit consumer needs and preferences, so simply choose the one you like most.

Where To Buy Jamieson Products

You can find the point of sales in Hong Kong here.

The products sold by each retailer are different. For details, please refer to the details of each product or contact us for more details.


While all Jamieson products are shelf-stable, you should always consult the individual product label for storage conditions for each product. For instance, it is advised to refrigerate some of our probiotics after opening to ensure maximum potency and freshness.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in your digestive tract, where they aid digestion and keep your immune system functioning properly. However, antibiotic use, stress, and an unbalanced diet can disrupt their normal balance in your gut, reducing their protective effects.

To improve your digestive health and its impact on your overall well-being, it’s definitely a good idea to boost your intake of probiotics. A high-quality probiotic supplement is easy to take on a daily basis, and ensures you receive the targeted probiotic strains to relieve symptoms such as gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.